Business Transactions

While deals can be made with a handshake, proper procedures and iron-clad legally binding agreements cannot. Business owners and managers deal with matters governed by contracts with which they may not be familiar Scrutinizing the language in these agreements can be challenging and time-consuming, but overlooking a seemingly minor detail can lead to significant losses later on. Whether the breach was intended or not, failing to comply with the provisions of a contract can lead to time consuming and costly disputes. Giving each agreement a thorough review prior to signing is a valuable investment to make.

The Phillips Firm, PLLC is ready to help with all of your day-to-day legal needs. From contract drafting and review to collections and negotiation, we provide sound, conservative counsel to help your business operate smoothly. The firm provides general counsel services to either work in conjunction with existing counsel that may have time limitations, or to entrepreneurs or small businesses that do not have in-house counsel.

The firm can help your business make informed, strategic decisions related to:

  • Financing and development for domestic projects: Attorney Seth Phillips’ experience in complex transactions and as an executive officer of a private equity company make him an efficient adviser on “everyday” projects for closely-held businesses.
  • Business purchases, sales, mergers, and acquisitions: Whether starting from scratch or investing in an established business, business owners must grapple with how to organize entity relationships, determine appropriate contracting responsibilities, manage operations, hire employees, contract with vendors, negotiate with property owners, and review entity and personal liabilities. Our firm knows how to bring together these topics in an efficient and cost-effective manner to position business owners for success.
  • Contracts and agreements: Whether its a quick question, a request for assistance with founding a new business, a real estate transaction, or a simple nondisclosure agreement for transactional partners or or employees, The Phillips Firm has the experience to take on large-scale projects as well as simple or complex contract review issues..

General Counsel Services

Sometimes businesses find themselves in situations in which they really need the immediacy and convenience that is available from in-house counsel, but they lack the resources required to make that sort of commitment. The Phillips Firm, PLLC offers general counsel outsourcing services that are ideal for small to mid-size companies wanting the convenience of in-house counsel without the extended commitment and expense.

General counsel services can include assistance with day-to-day business transactions such as risk management, contract negotiations, and business formation and reorganization.

The Phillips Firm, PLLC can assist your business with major transactional events such as mergers and acquisitions; negotiating and closing real estate leases and purchases; debt and capital funding; and equity funding and loans.