Education Law

Many children and youth need extra support and services at some point during their time in school. As a former Texas public school teacher, attorney Seth Phillips understands first-hand what services a child should receive in the classroom to help them be successful. Many students do not receive necessary evaluations for Individualized Education Programs (“IEPs”), and those who do often suffer from the improper implementation of those plans. Children who switch schools multiple times can, as a result, fall through the cracks in the education system or will not get necessary services in a timely manner.

The Phillips Firm, PLLC can help in some of the following ways:

  • Review documentation by special education teachers, directors, diagnosticians, psychologists, and other special education professionals to advise clients regarding proper educational requests and accommodations for special education students.
  • Attend and assist in Admission, Review & Dismissal (“ARD”) Committee meetings.
  • Negotiate with school district administration or counsel to resolve special education matters.
  • If needed, assist clients in filing appeals to the Texas Education Agency (“TEA”) or US Department of Education (“ED”).

Because a school’s failure to properly accommodate a deserving student often results in additional problems at school, The Phillips Firm, PLLC  can also assist parents with matters related to:

  • Access to student records
  • Demands for appropriate teacher education and staff development regarding the needs of special students
  • Disproportionate or inappropriate discipline
  • Expulsion, suspension, corporal punishment and other forms of student discipline
  • Grievances by students
  • Claims of civil rights violations
  • School safety issues